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MT-S11 seats

220V Fresh Air Exhaust Round Duct Fan General Features 1. The shell is made of polypropylene plastic, one-time disposable molded, with high anti-acid function 2. Using ABS blades ,design by hydromechanics to reach the optimal air and pressu
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Standard System 72V AC system
Tyre 175/70R14
Max forward speed 20-40km/h
Motor 7.5 KW AC motor, Japan Nidec Corporation's subsidiary
Controller USA Curits brand AC type
Charger Enpower charger 72v 25A
Brake system Vacuum booster   hydraulic brake, more safe than basic hydraulic
Battery Chilwee brand 6V 220AH*12PCS
Climbing capacity (Full load) 20%
Ground clearance 150MM
F / R track 1200/1230mm
Body “PP”engineering plasitc
Endurance mileage 70-90km
Charging time 8-10 hours
Steering system Electric power steering system 
Max. brake movement 3.9m
Min turning radius 6.5m
Frame Steel, powder coating +electric plated anti-rust treatment. Best in industry
Floor aluminum 
Dashboard instrument cluster, DVD player etc.